I like how this video is relaxed and natural. Two women are talking about female sexuality. Dr. Kiki Sanford points out, “Things related to female sexuality have always often been related to male sexuality” (D., 2015). She gives some reasons why female sexuality hasn’t been talked about as seriously or as often as male sexuality, including the whole evolutionary psychology perspective that supposes men should and do act like the male figures of the our most closely related species: the chimpanzees. Dr. Sanford mentions that male chimpanzees “are the aggressors” (D., 2015). Then, the other woman in the video pointed out that many different primates have a whole different dynamic between the males and females. She indicates that in one species of monkeys, “the females go after the males” (D., 2015). I think it is interesting to learn about different animals and how they behave sexually (especially our closest primate cousins).


D. (2015). What We Know About Female Sexuality. Retrieved June 14, 2016, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNZmmdwZ5iY