This week, I wrote my blog post on where sexual violence, taunting and labeling against women begins. As I shared on my post, this week’s readings and videos lead me to believe that it all begins at a very young age, before we even notice what it can lead to. For example, the phrase “boys will be boys” is too commonly an excuse for a boy’s aggression toward a girl in school. It may begin as “harmless” teasing, but the verbal abuse can easily lead to more serious abuse. Unfortunately, this more serious abuse is too often found between partners at home. I found a powerful video on YouTube that perfectly depicts this idea.

I knew I wanted to share this video after I watched the tea party scene between a young boy and girl. Here, the girl makes a tiny mistake, and she is suddenly victimized by the boy’s aggression and name-calling. This, in my opinion, is really where the victimization begins. Furthermore, this video eludes to the idea that young age aggression can unfortunately be learned in the home.  If a little boy sees his father acting aggressively, he too will unfortunately be likely to act aggressively.

I want to warn you that this video is a little graphic, but I think it is a very realistic, emotional depiction of the issue of violence between men and women. I urge you to watch this short video, and see how the steps leading to serious domestic violence are portrayed. I hope you find it just as moving and thought provoking as I did!



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