Choosing Queer: I Was Not Born This Way, And That’s Ok By Hari Ziyad opened my eyes to know a little bit of what people who identify with being queer or gay or anything within the LGBTQ community. Although I am a straight male and although through immaturity at a young age I used to hold slight prejudices against “gays” I hold different perspectives now that I am older. Thanks to the help of my sister, who also identifies as a straight female, she always had gay female friends but did not judge them as such. Often times I did not know they were gay until after I had befriended them. When reading Hari Ziyad’s blog I reflected upon those days with my sister and his blog made me try to imagine the freedom and horror that LGBTQ people may experience when it comes to accepting themselves and others accepting them. Hari Ziyad said “Physical intimacy with male identified persons felt different, somehow. Terrifying and freeing.” I could not imagine having to be terrified at all when it came to expressing my intimacy towards people that I was attracted too. For this reason I am proud that as I matured I became more open minded to everyone’s preferences.

I am not an LGBT ally, I’m an accomplice by Sommer Foster goes right along with this stance that I took awhile back. Sommer Foster wrote “I was an LGBTQ ally! Except, I wasn’t. I was just a decent person who believed in equal rights for everyone.” When we listen to anyone who identifies LGBTQ and when you try to understand where they are coming from it is amazing how quickly you can get past the stereotypes. Media is a strong illusion that can paint a picture about anyone the wrong way. As the quote said just being a decent person who believes everyone should have their own equal rights should not make you an ally of anyone right or wrong but instead it just makes you a decent person.

Marriage Will Never Set Us Free Written by  Dean Spade & Craig Willse  stated “Civil marriage is a tool of social control used by governments to regulate sexuality and family formation by establishing a favored form and rewarding it…. In short, people are punished or rewarded based on whether or not they marry…. There is nothing freeing nor equalizing about such a system.” They also said “since the founding of the US, regulating family formation has been key to anti-Black racism and violence. Denying the family ties of slaves was essential to slavery—ensuring that children would be born enslaved and maintaining Black people as property rather than persons.” This proof that not only are the LGBTQ community discriminated against but we all are. The government seeks to control us all and being LGBTQ is just one of the obvious ways government tries this but none of us are clear from all attempts of control.