This week the talk of the town is sexuality and there were choices of some very good sources that talked about all kind of things from LGBT to hook up cultures. I am going to give you my side of things and how I took in this weeks assessments. First I want to talk about the college hook up culture because that was my favorite article, and to be honest I think I read that one before. The article written by Rachel Kalish and Michael Kimmel was a great piece put together and I recommend that all soon to be college students read it. One quote that really stuck out to me in this article was “For American college women today, it is that market that takes precedence over the marriage market. Just as they will ‘play the field’ by applying to a variety of graduate programs or internships, so do they enjoy the sexual sampling and exploration that the hook-up culture enables.” This is basically what the hook up culture is all about. One question that comes to mind is that are college students the only people experiencing this ‘hook up culture’? OR are they the only ones open about the whole idea. I wonder if there is anybody else experiencing it that is not 18-22. Another article on sexual harassment that is eye opening. According to a study done in 2011 “study found that almost half (48 percent) of the 1,965 students sur-veyed experienced harassment, but only 9 percent reported the incident to an authority figure” This is absolutely crazy to think that half of 2000 girls got sexually harassed and did not say a word. It really makes you wonder why, are these girls so scared of there offender that it makes them want to be silent. Overall this week had to be one of my favorite if all time. There were very interesting tops that catch your eye and make you want to read more, my question to you is what were your favorites?