I interviewed two different people this week this first was a close family friend who was a at least for years younger than me, his name is Curtis. The second person I interviewed name was Adam, and he was ten years older than me. The first thing that was important for me was to get to two people from two different generations so I could see what the major differences and similarities are. The first question that I asked both of them was “How did they know somebody was interested in them?” This one was really a shocker to see how technology has changed over time. Curtis replied “I usually know when I girl is feeling me if she likes a lot of my pictures on Instagram, then I will go to her page and like her pics or maybe direct message her to see what she is talking about.” and the second interviewee Adam replied “You kind of just know when somebody was feeling you, we didn’t have Facebook like you guys have that makes things so easy to sit behind the computer and talk, we actually had to go up to them in person and hold a conversation” The next question I ask was what were dating and relationship norms? what was acceptable? Curtis the younger one responded that most people date one person at a time but it was never to serious. It was more of a hook up culture, it usually is a big group of friends that will get together and drink. Then when everybody is feeling tipsy they start hooking up with each other. According to Rachel Kalish and Michael Kimmel a ‘Hook up’ Can be very flexible “There is no expectation of a further relationship. Hook-ups can morph into something else: friends with benefits or a dating relationship.” This really explains this mindset of the younger generation. Adam the older person said it was much more serious in his time. Everybody had one girl and if anybody messed with her you had to protect her. The people who were not in a relationship more of the outcast. He said there were also people who tried to have multiple partners but it never worked out for them in the long run.The last thing we talked about was what type of relationships were accepted when you were dating?  They both had similar views except the younger person was a little bit more used to it. Curtis said that there were plenty of gay people in his grade and that it was just something that happened in high school and college that he got used to. One thing that he notice is that society kind of pushed gays away from everybody else like talked about in the book “Sexual Orientation Microaggressions: Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual People.” Adam the older person said that is was unacceptable in his day to be gay. He said that people who were gay were not friends with the heterosexual people in his grade. Overall It was good to see the differences from these two different generations.