Almost all feminists agree that gender is socially constructed and they have argued the nuclear family has traditionally been responsible for some of this. According to the article Feminist Perspectives on the Family “socialising women into accepting the “housewife” role as the only possible/acceptable role for a women…Essentially, feminists viewed the function of the family as a breeding ground where patriarchal values were learned by an individual, which in turn created a patriarchal society.” As a male from a single mother family I was taught that women can also be independent and provide not only for themselves but for their own families without the help of anyone else or a man. However I learned how much easier life would be if my mother had assistance from another. The point is women can survive on their own just as much as men can and they should not be taught to be subservient. Just like in ‘The Second Shift’ at 25: Q & A with Arlie Hochschild by Brigid Schulte they discussed points made by Arlie Hochschild, a sociologist at Berkeley who wrote in her book “the Second Shift” what she called a “double day” — that women came home from a full day of paid work to a another round of unpaid housework and childcare. She figured women were working an extra month more than their spouses every year. As my mother who was a single mother worked 12 hour shifts and came home and raised two kids for years by herself. Women across the world do this everyday and handle it much better than any man could do on a consistent basis. More than half of low-income single mothers work full-time. 4 Ways the US Keeps Single Moms in Poverty – And What We Can Do About It by Ellen Kate tells us that “they often work in poorly paid jobs without benefits. In large part, that’s because women are more likely to be working at minimum wage jobs without benefits than are men.” Since mothers are the most likely to care for children whether in a relationship with another man or women or even if she is a single mother, they should be more likely to have at least minimum wage jobs and benefits. More likely than not if a man and woman have a child together and decided to split up later in life chances are that the mother will be awarded custody so it makes no sense for women to be neglected and not compensated for the responsibility of caring for her family if she is single.