I searched six jobs that today equally can be worked by a female just as a male could no matter of age, race, gender, or ethnicity. When I searched the word ‘Police Officer’ I wasn’t surprised to see mainly men show up as results. Even though I see female and male officers every day and among the results from the search most men were white not black. When I searched the word ‘Coach’ I didn’t see one female in the results even though female sports are just as prevalent as male sports I guess Google feels as though the female coaches aren’t really coaches. When I searched both ‘Dentist’ and ‘Lawyer’ I was happy to see that a good amount of men and women were represented in the search results however I was disappointed to see that the results of the men and women were predominantly white and not too many black dentist and lawyers were shown. The same results were found when I searched the term ‘Chef’ I saw about the same amount of white men and white women but not too many black people. I thought it was peculiar how women are stereotyped to be the housewives and cooks of the family but when you search a job that involves cooking women are not overly represented there when they are underrepresented in other supposedly ‘male jobs’. The last job that I searched was ‘Secretary’ mostly women were in the results but not only were their women but a lot of the image results showed women being sexualized as if in order to be a secretary you were going to be sexually exploited as well as to do their job. The results found from these searches shows how society thinks and constructs gender inequality and racial inequality. This misleads people to think that they have to pursue certain careers or that it would be unsuccessful to go down a path that you seem not to belong to. No job should be racially determined or determined by gender. Jobs/Careers should be decided by the qualifications for the job and capabilities of the individual. The Second Shift’ at 25: Q & A with Arlie Hochschild by Brigid Schulte spoke on women in the workforce. Hochschild said that “women have gone into the workforce, that was the revolution, but the workplace they go into and the men they come home to have changed less rapidly, or not at all. Nor has the government that could give them policies that would ease the way, like paid parental leave, paid family medical leave, or subsidized child care – the state of the art child care, that too is stalled.” If you ask me I would say that women are more capable and qualified than men are to do jobs. Many women, whether receiving help from another partner or if they are single, work two jobs everyday-raising children on top of work duties. While there are single fathers who do the same women across the world perform these difficult tasks everyday so the workforce and government should compensate them accordingly.