When searching different titles of jobs, I found it very interesting to see the distinct differences in images of genders that came up for various searches. The first noticeable difference I saw was when I looked up “CEO” vs. “secretary.” The images that came up for “CEO” were almost exclusively male on the first page of the search results. The first woman image that came up in this search was a picture of “CEO Barbie,” not even a picture of a real woman. This search itself said so much to me about the idealization of a white male holding positions of power in large corporations. Women, however, are given the false hope that they could just as easily obtain a position of equal power when in reality, it’s not nearly as common. On the flip side of this, when I searched “secretary,” there were almost only images of women sitting at a desk, answering the phone, typing on the computer, etc. This further reiterates the idea that women are held to expectations of holding lower positions in the workplace, usually beneath a male supervisor or boss. One thing that the Inequality website showed was that inequality is created. Therefore, as a society, we have created these standards for each other and allowed them to continue to separate us in terms of our opportunities and ability to succeed. We are all capable of greatness, but what we have been taught throughout our lives by stereotyping is that men are inherently better or more capable, when we know that is not necessarily true.

The Simple Truth reading discussed the common misconception that the pay gap is a product of women’s life choices. While there are certain jobs that more women tend to have than men and vice versa, there are other factors that come into play when dealing with how much someone is paid. It is clear that their are still earning discrepancies between males and females that are attributed the factors beyond just career or life choices. I also think this could be due to the fact that because women are held to lower standards, as observed by doing this assignment, they aren’t paid as well because it is assumed that they wouldn’t be doing as great of a job as a male in the same kind of position. I think it is our job as students and citizens of this country and the world to fight against the stereotypes that so often place males above females in the workplace. This is something that affects our entire social structure and in order to make a real difference, we have to start changing the way we think about one another, as well as ourselves in terms of what we are capable of.