In a blog called Is Prostitution Just Another Job by Mac Mclelland I read the testimony of a Chelsea Lane who became interested in sex work after reading a classmates Tumblr about being a sex worker. On her first anniversary of escorting, in February 2015, she wrote that, at 20 years old, she is less isolated, better paid, in contact with “wonderful” people, and “getting laid on the regular.” While it may not be the ideal job for anyone and must make feminists who are pushing for better human rights for everyone especially women, cringed in their sleep, I have to admit that this Chelsea Lane seems happy and appreciated. I wouldn’t advise anyone to go into this field of work but as an open minded person who doesn’t like for anyone to tell me how to live my life I think it would be hypocritical to judge this woman in any other way. I just wanted to add that since this life choice is obviously paying off for her I say amen to that and the minute it becomes negativity to your life I would encourage her to get out. Selling your body for sex because you want to for personal reasons and having to or being forced to sell your body is a totally different thing however.