Earlier this week, a story was going viral on my Facebook news feed. It was about a female surgeon, Dr. Kathy Magliato, who is head surgeon in a male dominated field. I have found that it is quite interesting seeing her perspective about the struggles of a female in a male dominated medical field. The article states that “fewer than 5 percent of cardiac surgeons are women, despite the fact that nearly half of all medical-school graduates are female.” As a woman who is interested in become a female surgeon, I find this information quite upsetting. In this interview, Dr. Magliato discussed her experience, how far she had come, and how much harder she had to work than her male counterparts to get where she is today. She expressed her frustration with watching people she trained be given the honor before her, mainly because of the gender difference. She also found it discouraging that her male superiors kept making suggestions to go into plastic surgery instead because of her looks. I find it to be an interesting read.