Gender Inequality is talked about sometimes but not as much as it should, more importantly gender inequalities in the work place. Here is a little scenario,  If Melissa worked the same job as Mike at a company who pays by the hour who do you think will be getting paid less? Sadly the females have been getting the short end to this stick for a very long time and it is time for a change. If you think about how many single mothers their are out their trying to do the same thing that the fathers with kids are trying to do “Provide for their family” How are women supposed to do that while receiving less money. In the article Inequality regimes by Joan Acker  Another way gender inequality is hidden because the wage difference were so huge. I looked at the different job titles she was talking about and there were mangers and secretaries. This brought me back to the job comparison blog because I was thinking to myself how hard it would be for a women to be the manager of a company. However, I do not even believe that there is a male secretary. It is like the jobs have genders attached to them without actually saying this ones for boys and this ones for girls. If a women is qualified to do the same job that a male is doing then they should both have a equal opportunity to show their full potential in whatever field. It is hard for a single mother to work all day and have to make ends meet because she is getting the short end of this stick. This topic really hit home with me because I was raised by just my mom and she works for the government now but when she was coming up 20 years ago in the same job she was not making nothing and taking care of 4 children all under 11 is enough work itself. If she got to do what she does now, then, I think things would have been way different as far how should could have provided for us. Overall, I do not think inequality in the work place is as bad as it has been but were are still ways to go as far as being equal. According to the Mommy Test written by Barbara Ehrenreich, women have to separate themselves from being a women to a mommy. Lets use my mother for example if she wanted to be in management for a corporation she has to show less mommy features and more woman features.