This week I decided to to choose a pilot and a flight attendant to compare and contrast.When I googled the pilot not one picture of a women popped up it was literally all white men in their mid 30s. Which is crazy to because not only did they have all one gender representing that job. They also did not have one different type of race, which means if somebody who doesn’t meet the appearance part of that job then you are definitely not getting that job. The second thing that I googled was a flight attendant, and nothing but women popped up on the computer screen. Before deciding on what jobs to choose from I wanted to pick a job where they were kind of working the same field. The pilot and the flight attendance are both on the same flight, but guess who gets paid more? According to Edward W. Morris in Learning the Hard Way, he talks about how “boys underachievement does not signify a reversal of gender inequality but a hidden cost of the power of masculinity.” I think that is crazy because to me it is saying that boys can be a little bit more lazy or slack off and still get a equal job. However for women they have to be at the top of their classes and outshine everybody else just to even get thinked about. It is actually crazy how much stuff women have to do to be eligible to get a similar job as men. In Kristen Schilt’s Just One of the Guys, she talks about how if you want to stand out at your job you have to go stealth, and just by doing that you will increase in authority, economic opportunities. This shows to me how women do not get a lot of attention in workplace so going un noticed for them would not be the same if a male went un noticed. Overall we have came a long way as far as women in work, the next step is equal pay for the same jobs that men do. That itself is a whole other topic. The way that women represented the lower paying job was not fair, society has to do a better job of not labeling a specific job to one gender.