The first job I checked out was a dentist and a dental assistant. The first picture I saw was one man in the middle in his black scrubs and surrounded beside him on each side were two women wearing the same color coded scrubs red. I automatically assumed because he was the only guy in black scrubs and all of the women were in the red that they were assistants and he was the dentist. The second job I looked up surprised me the most; CEO boss and secretary. First off to note, I used a more broad approach and put in only boss and secretary (not a good idea). None of the pictures had women as the boss nor did it have a male as a secretary, or even female boss with a female secretary for that matter. A good portion of the pictures were very sexualized, big breasted women holding a notepad while the boss was talking, a picture of the boss holding the secretary’s breasts, one where he was holding her hips, another where she was pulling him on top of the table by his tie, even a lady in lingerie. It seemed to me that from what I saw being a secretary is being beneath the boss, waiting on his or her orders. And considering the fact that all I ever saw was women taking on that role in every picture, what does that say about how it is for women in the work force? Considering the fact that based on the readings this week in this age we are making less money for more work while the people higher up in the workforce and companies are making more profit from the people at the bottom this bodes even worse for women, who aren’t at the tippy top of the workforce.