What stood out to me the most this week was Stephanie Coontz video on marriage. The video really interested me into the origins of marriage and how important it used to be, without love involved. It kind of had me shocked that marriage and love wouldn’t be as one for a lot of different countries, for the need of peace, and alliance with other important families and believed that love was nothing but a distraction. With that in mind I could see where feminists were coming from in another one of this week’s reading with the concern of marriage and how it takes away a women’s liberties and independence. If a man is supposed to marry a women without his or her consent, and only to bring peace or to keep within royalty then this would feel like more of a business move to me. And without love or sincerity involved in the marriage, I feel like the dominance of the man and what is believed of the women’s role of the relationship would be that much more strict. The marriage would almost be like a job to her, having the role of a housewife forced on her, having to cook and clean and doesn’t even have a say or a chance to be the breadwinner of the family. Then she goes on to talk about marriage in this day and age, and how marriage can be determined on how successful it is based on how the partners’ conversation goes on a day to day basis. This part gave me a lot of knowledge on how it is supposed to be in marriage and I came to the conclusion that when a marriage is done the right way and with honesty and effort, it can be one of the best relationships to ever have in life; this made me want to work even harder in my current relationship with my girlfriend to get to this relationship that I came to conclusion. Responding to things with enthusiasm, even if it’s something as simple as to point out random things in the world and it leading to conversation and laughs then that would prove to us that we still appreciate each other’s presence. With this in mind I begin to question; If feminism is still somewhat opposed to marriage and the rights it takes away from women, what would it be opposed to? I can understand the rights taken away for marriages where love is not involved and its done against will to bring peace for others or royalty, but if you truly love someone, and you know who that person is and know that he would not take advantage of you and is willing let you be able to get a job and not become a house wife, does marriage still rob you of your rights?



Feminist Perspectives on the Family