I cannot believe that this class is coming to an end already. I do not think that I have learned so much in such a short period of time in my entire life. For this blog post, I want to answer the suggested questions because I think that they are good and important to address.

Where was I before starting this class? Essentially clueless. I only knew the word “feminism” from social media. I really had no idea what it meant at all. Of course, after completing this course, I have gone through a complete 180 degree change. I know what feminism is, the definition, and what it means. I know everything that it encompasses, all off the different aspects about it. I know that it is not only about women, white women, black women, young women, or old women, it is about all women, and men too. I know that feminism is not about hating men and making the world a world solely based on women.

What the last week of work was based on, “Local, Transnational, Global Feminism”, made me curious to learn a lot more about feminism around the world. I would love to learn about how different feminist ideas are in different countries, and compare them to the views I learned during this class.

Picking only a group of readings that I enjoyed the most was a very hard decision because to be blunt, I loved them all! I think that one video that helped me a lot in the beginning was Laci Green’s “Why I’m a Feminist” video on youtube. It was really one of the first real impressions I got on feminism and I enjoyed it greatly. It was easy to understand, she made her points simple and to the point, and after watching it I felt like I already knew a lot about feminism. The second “reading” I enjoyed was watching the “Women and Advertising” documentary by Jean Kilbourne. This documentary truly opened my eyes and gave me my “aha!” moment. Of course as a girl, it was extremely relatable because I did grow up being compared to all of the female advertisements and I loved learning more about this woman who researched it. I can’t say that there were any ideas or assignments that I did not agree with or that I did not like. I enjoyed reading all of the assignments and learning about every single topic.

To anyone that is thinking about taking this course:

  1. COME IN WITH AN OPEN MIND READY TO LEARN! When I signed up for this class, I really had no idea what to expect. All I based my registration on was a positive review from one of my friends who too the class this past spring semester. I thought it would be an interesting class to take and get one of my area credits over with. BOY WAS I WRONG! As I stated before, I came out of the class LOVING it.
  2. BE READY TO WRITE WRITE WRITE! Before taking this class I would have told anyone that writing was difficult for me and that it was hard for me to express my feelings on paper. Well, taking this class sure did force me to change that instantly. I would say that I definitely became a better writer and analyzer of readings through completing this course.

I cannot wait to go out and use all the knowledge that I have learned and make a small difference in the world. Even after the first week of class, I already was sending links to all my freinds about new htings I had learned, different intresting readings that I thoguht they might like, and getting into argumnts with my boyfriend about what feminism is truly about. I spread the word over my twitter account and shared the link to the class WordPress page because I wanted everyone to be able to learn as much as I knew I would during the 6 weeks of this course. I actually even tweeted about the UnSlut Project and Emily Lindin herself replied to my tweet and followed me on twitter!!! (image below).

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 11.24.22 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-26 at 11.22.21 PM

I have learned so many things that have changed the way I will view life forever and for that I am very appreciative of this class. Like the featured image states, “Feminism is for Everyone”, and I truly believe that.

Thank you all for a great semester!