“In her Bind series, Ryoko Suzuki wraps her head with tightly wound pigskin that has been soaked in blood. The pigskin refers to the artist’s childhood memories, specifically of an English fairytale,Three Little Pigs, written by Joseph Jacobs. Blood symbolizes female sexuality and the artist’s poignant transition from adolescence to womanhood. As the skin is tightly wrapped around her head, her features become warped, almost unrecognizable. Within the Emotions section of the exhibition, Bind stands as a symbol for pain, constriction, and the abject female body.”

This is a link to an ad for an art exhibit. This exhibit was from 2007 – but its powerful voice rings true today. The point of this exhibit was to showcase global feminist art, not just the popular western form of feminism. On the left of the page you can view some of the pieces that were in it. Despite the fact that this art hasn’t been in this exhibit for a few years, it corresponds perfectly to our material this week. This exhibit helps give a voice to non-western feminists and highlights the gender inequality women from all over the world face.