While reading through my past work, I felt very proud of myself. I enjoyed reading everything I wrote and felt like I had really put the pieces together. Starting the semester out, I knew my views and opinions coincided with much of what the material was trying to teach us. After the first week, I realized my objective was to create blog posts that were interesting and broke the information down in a way that would make it easier to understand. Despite the fact that it wasn’t the first time I had seen material similar to ours, I always managed to learn something new.

In week one, it was very refreshing to read about the history of the feminist movement and where it stands today. Reading about all the accomplishments women in the past made so that I can be where I am today was very inspiring. It inspired me to help spread the message of feminism as much as I could.

In week two, I completed my book review. I only picked week two to do my book review so I could get it over with, but I ended up loving it. I read Ms. Marvel: No Normal. Having Kamala’s perspective on intersectionality was very powerful and helped give me insight into women of different races and ethnicities. Being a white women, I didn’t realize how overwhelming being a women from a different culture or race could be.

Week three was one of my favorite weeks. I was very aware of the impact media has on gender, but I never thought of how to combat it. Breaking down and changing ads really helped me understand how misrepresented all types of women are.

In week four, I chose to be an accomplice. Although I’ve always supported LGBTQ, I never really did anything about it. Next semester I plan to join HokiePRIDE and I’ve also been raising my voice. I even got my ultra-conservative parents to come around on the idea (YAY!!).

Week five didn’t consist of a whole lot of information I didn’t know, but it’s always a good reminder. I decided to include some of the information from this week in my final project as well, because I believe it’s so important today.

I learned the most in week six. I’ve always had Muslim friends, and we’ve discussed similar topics, but I never really put it together. I didn’t realize that the U.S. was trying so hard to impose their standards on Afghanistan. This week inspired me to celebrate the religious and cultural differences between all countries.

Beyond the work, I also learned a great deal from the classmates. So many good resources and interesting responses have been posted, with ideas I’d never have thought of on my own. It was also great to see so much growth in so many students in just six weeks.

Coming away from this class, I feel like I have a strong sense of what feminism really is. All feminist’ want is gender equality. Gender equality doesn’t look the same around the world, but its underlying principles are the same. As I move on to other classes and eventually my future career, I hope to pass these principles and values along to everyone I meet.