Before taking this course, I did not even know the true definition of feminism! Now that I am in the sixth and last week of the short semester, I feel so much more knowledgeable and enlightened. Rather than just learning about feminism and women’s rights through studying material and taking tests on the material, I was forced to push myself to analyze papers and readings, form opinions, and then articulate my opinions and perspectives to a public webpage! I was first a bit anxious on sharing my personal thoughts and ideas to the class (and the rest of the wordpress world), but after getting feedback and connecting to others, I felt a lot more confident in my capabilities and ideas. I remember feeling like this class would be impossible due to the amount of reading and writing (as stated in my Introduction post on canvas), but after the first week, I was refreshed to see how much I could understand and relate to the readings. I stated in my first blog post that I was unsure about confronting ignorant remarks about the myths of feminism from feminist haters, but now that I feel confident in my understanding of feminism, I can share my self-assured knowledge with others around me! That is probably the most beneficial part of the class that I will take with me forever.

One of my favorite required videos for the class was John Oliver’s video on sex education. Through this video, I learned and realized the great power adults have on children’s personal moral system and ideologies of sexuality. Through his witty humor and captivating personality, I was able to learn that the majority of states in the United States does not have any law that requires sex education to be taught in public schools. I think I was able to learn most from videos like his, because he kept me entertained, smiling, and engaged.

We covered so much material in this short course; however, I would like to learn more about LGBTQ laws in other countries and read more books about sexuality and gender. Since I loved reading Pregnant Butch so much, I am excited to read other books by A.K. Summers and just other books about gender stereotypes. I wish we could have watched more movies about gender roles, as I loved watching and analyzing The Mask You Live In on Netflix. I learned about the devastations of pushing masculinity on our young boys through watching that powerful film.

I am excited now that I have this knowledge from this class to help me better understand other aspects of living and different components of everyday life. For example, I think that understanding the information taught in this class will lead me to having better relationships with people of all sexualities and genders. I now have a compassion and understanding of how black women face more inequalities than white women, which helps me fight for feminism even more humbly and respectfully. Moving forward, I would like to give advice to others thinking about taking this class: Do not wait until the last minute to try to finish all of the week’s work! I learned very quickly that pacing oneself is crucial to submitting thoughtful and enlightened work, because each assignment requires hours of reading and writing. I would also advise students to come into this class with an open mind and curious spirit! I do not think I would have learned as much as I did without my positive outlook, enthusiasm, and open-minded, unbiased attitude.