In the past 6 weeks, I learned a lot from this course. I learned that my ideas of feminism aren’t different from what the movement actually is. Rather, society only focuses on the radical idea of it. My views and opinions have always correlated, I now realize, with those of the articles, papers, etc. we have read since this course started. It was also interesting trying to incorporate my knowledge in psychology to all of these topics.  Throughout these 6 weeks, I was surprised to find out that I actually learned a lot.

In the first week, we learned about the history of feminism. I learned to question what I believed feminism really was, whether what society explained to me what feminism was true, and whether some people like to distort what they don’t understand.

During week 2, the weekly assignment was to make a “gender journal,” posting about any gender roles I observed throughout the week. This assignment made me think about the different gender roles I encountered throughout my life. Having grown up with parents from another country, I frequently visited Peru growing up and was privy to the different ideas for gender roles in both countries. It was eye-opening realizing, as I plan a trip to go back to Peru in a week, through this assignment, that I will not be treated the same as I am in this country.

During the third week, I realized how much the media impacted not just society, but also other aspects of life. I noticed it when I would play video games with my boyfriend. I used to play video games with my half-brother, and during that time, there would be young boys online talking smack about how I couldn’t beat them because I was a girl. It was very interesting.

During week 4, I learned more about LGBTQ. It happened coincidentally during the Orlando shooting. I talked to my old roommate, who has recently started seriously dating another girl, and they were both reeling from what had happened. Because she is from South Carolina, she deals with this every day. My eyes opened and made me question how society sees women being with women differently then men with men, and why there has to be this difference. It made me realize the difference in different cultures as well. It was very disheartening, personally. I also read UnSlut this week, which made me realize how everything is connected.

During week 5, I realized how much further everything is connected. Through job placement and gender equality through wages, men are seen to be more genetically qualified to be “assertive” and have higher positions. I noticed it further while at work (I work in a hospital); the doctors are kind to a point, but they are mostly male. My boss is a male who has more experience in what we do, but he is 2 years younger than me. Although there are more qualified fellow female colleagues, and he is a kind individual, the male domination at work was evident, especially about learning this week’s topic.

Then, during this week, I learned more about the global effects. It again made me realize how it all effected me and my friends, as well as how it related to everything else.

Personally, I would recommend this course because it is eye-opening and has given me a strong sense of what equality truly should be. I have learned a lot about feminism, equality, and what the movement is looking to do. I learned a lot from applying it to my personal experiences, as well as the different perspectives of my classmates. As I move on to my fifth year at VT, and what I hope to be my future career and life, I hope to give or teach others the same perspective that I have learned and expanded my knowledge along to everyone I meet along the way to the future.