When I first decided to take this class honestly I was pretty interested. When I first looked at the booklist, the only book I could get at the time was “Unslut”. I thought “ok, this is gonna be pretty interesting. Being with my teammates at the time with that book in my hand wasn’t the manliest thing to do I must admit, but I think that moment itself opened my eyes a bit to this class. It had me thinking that maybe if I come at this class as unbiased as possible, maybe I can learn about things within the feminine world that maybe from experience I can never understand, but understand where a female is coming from in certain aspects in life. Overall in the class I learned a lot about feminism and how a women works a lot more now than I did before taking the class. Don’t get me wrong, being a guy a lady can be an enigma at times but learning things about how women were conditioned to be a certain way in a marriage, to how less a woman can make within the workforce. I think the most interesting thing to me is how much feminists had to fight back in the day to do simple things that is probably not as big a deal as it is today, but in other countries there are still no rights for women as much in America to this day. I also was really attracted to the aspect of marriage and how it was seen by feminist as taking away the rights of women. At first I figured that in marriage both the man and the women had to give up rights together, men weren’t allowed to do just anything they wanted to either. But I realized that because of how women were portrayed to be in a marriage; a housewife with no job and dependent on the man, I could see why this could cause outrage.