“Weekly Assignment”: Week #6: Local, Transnational, Global

6 Weeks in Review

By: @bchloe96

slut apparel modelI would say that I started with little to no knowledge on women’s and gender studies. I have
a considerable amount more knowledge today on this subject, due to my taking this course. I very much enjoyed learning about the topic of sexuality, in particular. I have always been very strongly annoyed with the double-standards women face in society today. My (least) favorite one would have to be how women who have a lot of sex are considered to be “dirty,” “slutty,” or “whores” and men who have a lot of sex are considered to be “studs.” A few of my very close friends have experienced this double standard which has resulted in a occurences of “slut shaming.”

Learning about gender roles was particularly interesting to me. I remember seeing a post from someone of a “Buzzfeed” video titled something along the lines of, “If Gender Roles buzzfeed gender roles vidExisted Among Adults.” This video really put into perspective how ridiculous and crazy gender roles are. However, I don’t remember ever giving them a second thought while I was a young girl.

Something else from this course that stands out particularly in my memory is the “Gender Journal” assignment. I remember learning about what the assignment would consist of and worrying about how difficult it would be to find art journalinstances where I “became aware of” my gender, or sexuality, or sex. It was actually quite easy to do. I was discriminated against in so many ways due to my sex throughout the week. Things occurred that I might not have even noticed if I hadn’t been given the assignment. I definitely would not have been so conscious of discrimination towards or against me due to my gender, sexuality, or sex.

I definitely think that I learned the most from the reading “Why I’m A…Feminist *Gasp*”. It was a video that was posted on YouTube by Laci Green in 2014. This reading stands out in my memory, not only because it was one of my first readings but also, because it was filled with many surprising statistics. The graphics throughout the video and other ways this great amount of information was presented helped me digest it all with minimum boredom.

laci green why feminist vid