After reading Meeta Rani Jha’s The Global Beauty Industry, Colorism, Racism, And the National Body I must say that I was impressed with all of the concepts that were brought up within the book. It really makes you look at oppression for the positives, or more so look passed oppression. In this review I will summarize main points and talk about how this ties into our class. She starts off by talking about China, India, and last but not least United States. She uses beauty as the key source over everything such as class, racism, feminism etc. It talks about how both men and women go through a lot of things to change attributes of their body. People who want new skin color, plastic surgery and more physical things like that. Beauty is different everywhere and everybody goes about it different. That is why is was so fascinating to learn about India and China because they view beauty completely differently. It is all about what a society has to say; they control everything in my opinion. If society says it is cool to have a monkey on your head while walking around then everybody is going to go to the zoo jacking moneys to rock outside with their friends. That is basically what is happening in the book, Jha is explaining how different society having different norms about beauty is what makes it so wonderful. The differences about beauty is what makes beauty, beauty. I would recommend this book to my sister who has overcame a lot in America, who knows what she would have done in China or India. I also would recommend this book to any body who thinks they have to change anything to be beautiful because beauty reall comes from inside.