I cannot believe summer one of my senior year is about to be over. I took a feminist class at my old school (The University of Maryland) and it was nothing like this Feminist class. Some of the concepts are the same but the overall feel of the class was just different. This one the students are more involved and you do not get looked at sideways for express how you feel off of a topic. The students are very positive when I commented on their work or when they left comments on mine. Also, our teacher is so dedicated to helping us with our work. If you did not get better every week of the course, then that was on you because Ms.Nanney comments on all of our work telling her students what it takes to have a perfect blog post. I also liked that this course was online because I was working in California, Houston, and Vegas, the time difference kind of messed me up, but still was convenient to do. Overall, I believe I got better as the weeks built up. I really learned plenty about women that I did not think was even possible. For example, as a black male you know enough about fairness because you are never really the one who does not have the short end of the stick. When you learn how other people get treated in certain ways its shocking because you are so focused on beating your odds that others go invisible. I think thats what happen to me, I love women but I was so focused on my goals and dreams that I did not understand that it was even a thing to pay a women less for working the same exact job. Or how hard and perfect a girl has to work to even get looked at for the job while the white man can be lazy, bad worker, but have all the requirements and still get the job over the girl. Things have got better for women (in some cases) since the old days do not get me wrong, however we are not there yet as the society we live in.


Violence Talk:

When talking about violence you have so many options to talk about so I am going to hit on a lot of different topics throughout this section. First I want to say that the way women are portrayed in a lot of video games is upsetting. The way they dress the female characters are always sexual looking, have very few clothes and are mostly on the side or never the main character. Never have you bought a shooting game or league of legends game and done a story line with a women it is always a male. Even in old games, If you think about classics like The Super Mario brothers, the whole time the women (princess peach) has been kidnapped or taken away then the man has to go rescue the women from whoever. That is just a basic example, but majority of games that have a woman in it they play that role or the supporting cast character. What is the supporting cast you might ask? That is when the women is portrayed as a helper of the situation or scene that is occurring. Along the journey you run into an angel that starts helping you that is going to be female 95  percent of the time. In this situation she isn’t the main character, but she is used as a supporter of the main character. This is how most female characters in video games play out.

When talking about violence against women in games I automatically think of Grand Theft Auto 5. That is the ultimate game that disrespects women in out of all the games I know. Other than regular background civilians that are females the other females in the game are strippers and hookers. You can drive up to the women and pay them for their services then the game gives you the option to kill them or let them go free. The idea is to kill so you can get your money back after they are done. I actually own this game and when I found out you could do all of that I never tried it. In my opinion, I don’t even want to see that when I play a video game. Talking about a world that treats their women with respect then you see something like that. How do we expect the new generations of kids to respect women when we portray such brutal views on women?  What about the children who play that game then subconciously view women like that because that is a outlet to a different way of viewing  women. In a online article on the Huffington Post Malika Saar states “Violence against women and our acceptance of that violence is why GTA V’s assault on women can be framed as unapologetically entertaining. The abuse played out in the game is not really outside of our cultural norms. Here, in this country, one in four woman will experience some form of sexual violence by the time she turns 18. One in five young women on college campuses will experience sexual assault. One out of three American women has been beaten, sexually coerced or otherwise abused in her lifetime. Overall, domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women in the U.S.” Saar explains many different reason why not only kids but people in general should not play this game because it is making light of a problem that still is hurting America. The exposure that comes with todays hottest games such as call of duty and grand theft auto is what can really corrupt a heart of a child.

Violence in the media has been a problem for the longest time now. Children who are allowed access to games that rated ‘M’ for Mature at a young age lives can be effected. According to Craig A. Anderson, “the evidence strongly suggests that exposure to violent video games is a causal risk factor for increased aggressive behavior, aggressive cognition, and aggressive affect and for decreased empathy and prosocial behavior.” Mr. Anderson explains how studies have shown that when you allow access to those same video games stated above how it can change the nature of the consumer. Video games can also make the child less sensitive to other’s pain. This sucks because you are just buying the game for your child to have fun and be distracted so you do not have to keep an eye on him/her. Little did you know that what you bought is actually hurting them instead what you thought it was going to do. Video games also become addictive. Kids become so used to playing video games that it starts to get into their routine. Once they get into the routine of playing video games everyday, it is hard for them to break this routine. Instead of them getting into the routine of coming home and playing a video game, they could be doing something else. They could be doing other things with their free time that would benefit them such as reading a book that will broaden their vocabulary, working out which will keep them healthy and strong, and they could be volunteering to help people who are in need who can’t afford things such as video games.



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