This week was very exposing in revealing the differences that are present between U.S-based feminism and feminism as it exists in other parts of the world.  These differences are often blurred together in which the result can overlook the overarching domination of women by Islam.  It is important to understand the value systems of western culture and eastern culture because it ultimately affects how we respond to acts of inequality.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali of Harvard University is looking to debunk many false assumptions and understandings about global feminism.  She states in this video (with support from Prager U), that it is common for western feminists to be morally confused where they assume women are oppressed everywhere.  Ali even quotes Eve Ensler’s words that “This oppression is exactly the same around the world, in the West just as in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.”  In this context, Ali believes this emphasizes too much moral relativism and an inadequate understanding of Sharia law.  Prager U has started an online petition just a few days ago, demanding feminist activists and feminist groups stand up for oppressed Muslim women.

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