It is somewhat shocking to see that even after 15 years, this discussion on moral equivalency violations for Afghanistan women is still not resolved.  Congresswoman Juanita Millender McDonald made a Democratic response on the radio asking that American women take a stand for the oppressed Afghanistan women.  However, I did notice at the end of her speech she stated:

“The Women of the House of Representatives are working with the United Nations women ambassadors and women NGOs to urge that those women intelligentsia both inside the country and those currently in exile, return as a collective voice for the basic rights for women and their children, leading to a Democratic society.”  (Black Electorate, 2001).

I found a recent news article that detailed this support of a “Democratic society” as a western idea of a liberal democracy.  This support apparently comes from a secular and liberal feminist movement within the Arab world.  On the other side of that coin, there also exists the “Islamic Feminists” who regard themselves as an indigenous voice that shape their future within the context of religion (The Plaid Zebra, 2016). What I appreciated what the writer stated at the end of the article was to forgo framing the issue from a Western perspective.  She positively suggested thoughtful and open discussions that allow women to speak according to when and where they want to be heard.  Her suggestion might be the solution to achieving progression within a few years instead of ten+ years.

Western feminists capitalizing on the experiences of others has led to the rise of McFeminism




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