Each and every article that we examined this past week seemed to particularly focus on women in Afghanistan.  Many of these articles as well as other readings and videos that we have previously studied say something along the lines of “countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and China have had women in positions of power, so why hasn’t America?”

I understand that the purpose of these statements is to highlight the point that although we see these countries as less developed and less progressive than the United States, they have surpassed us in this instance.  However the most facile counterargument that presents itself to me with regard to this, is that these are all countries that we see as having unstable governments.  Although I do not believe that this is at the hand of the women they have elected to power, it is an easy argument for someone who does not share my views to make.

This has lead me to wonder why the authors do not make mention of countries whose governing systems we hold in high regard– such as Britain– if nothing else, in conjunction with mention of those other countries so as to strengthen the argument.