Overall I enjoyed and learned a lot more from this course than I originally thought I would. Two of my older sisters took an Introductory to Women and Gender Studies class when they were in school and found it to be one of their favorite electives taken in their college career. I personally was excited but I found myself spending more time on this class and immersing myself in material more than what was needed. While struggling with insomnia I would often find myself finding and reading random articles relating to our course material and then saving them for later, not even being able to share all. I have definitely grown in my knowledge and curiosity in the material. At the beginning of this course I would have never taken as much time as I have done so now to take a moment to take in my surroundings and realize how much sexism, inequality, and oppression is still present within our society. The gender journal and my final project especially helped with this. I would not have taken the time to consider the inequalities men face, though they may be small, they too are affected. When learning about the history of feminism other than the way people view it today expressed the point that men too benefit from feminism. I found articles on how men can gain from feminism to be very insightful personally. I once would not be able to have a clear way of describing what feminism truly is and though I doubt I could give a concise definition I would say that I am confident in challenging what people think of the term and helping others to understand that what they believe is not necessarily what it is. I once would have thought of being called a feminist by others as an insult rather no matter the way people choose to say that in a mocking tone I would now be proud to challenge people’s ideals on the topic. I am proud of myself for taking this course seriously and challenging other’s thoughts on certain topics in some of my blog posts. I would want to challenge myself to continue to question how and why people are portrayed the way they are and to take a greater initiative in not agreeing or thinking I understand something just from what I read or see on the media. I enjoyed the entirety of the class but I found the body image and media representation my favorite material to read and learn more about. I would most definitely encourage people to take this course and though I wish to have taken it in person because I think courses like this tend to have great discussions, often being my favorite part, I found myself to really love the set up this class had. It may have been a lot of work at times but the blog was a great way to make sure we were all interacting and challenging each other through our participation.