When I started this class I thought that I knew more than I did. I had taken Human Sexuality, and I thought that this would cover a lot of the same material. I couldn’t have been more wrong. While there was so me overlap, this class surpassed Human Sexuality, it included theories, laws, real accounts of life experiences, not just facts in a book. Intact this class challenged many of the “facts” that I had learned earlier.

Since taking Human Sexuality, and this class, I feel like I am only just scratching the surface on the LGBTQ community, and what each identity means to the people of the LGBTQ community. I want to dive further into the combination of attraction, expression, and personal identity that we just touched on in class.

I enjoyed my book review assignment, Pregnant Butch, it was a surprising read. While it was in the Family, Work, and Education Week, I thought it could have been a part of the Sexuality Week as well because it dealt with the ideas of Femme and Butch, which are very interesting to me.

I think I learned the most from the Historical Overview and the Theories weeks. There are just so many ideas and opinions and thoughts out there that I had no idea about. It was so interesting for me to be able to read about things that I hadn’t thought of, or hadn’t been exposed to and hearing different perspective on it. The Historical section was especially interesting, I had no idea the depth that the feminist movement had in History.

One of the ideas that I had a hard time with was that Sex and Gender are the same thing. Of course we are all taught that Sex is biology, and Gender is what you believe that you are. One blogger mentioned that they believed that Sex and Gender are the same, and while I appreciated their reasoning and their idea, I wasn’t sure if I completely agreed or understood.

I really liked the Gander Journal. In my day to day life I experience so many gender based things and I don’t ever think about it because I am a cis woman. But if i had been a trans woman, or a lesbian or anything else then those experiences might be things that i would give more thought to on a daily basis. It was nice for me to give attention to the things that many other people do and to experience just a tiny bit of what they do every day.