“It is common popular knowledge that the ultimate signs of the oppression of afghan women under the Taliban-and-the-terrorists is that they were forced to wear the burqa. Liberals sometimes confess their surprise that even though Afghanistan has been liberated from the Taliban, women do not seem to be throwing off their burqas.”

Women that have been forced to wear burqas all their lives are not going to automatically get rid of them when they are liberated. They have become accustomed to wearing them their whole lives that it’s hard for them to get rid of something they are so used to. I do understand part of the meaning behind covering the woman’s body up so that it is special and only for the man she is married to, but if that is the case why aren’t men required to wear something to cover their bodies up. Not only are the female race in afghan being mistreated, but they are not being treated equally with the male race. It may take some time for the female race to become open to a new change with not wearing their burqas. One who has been brought up in a culture where they must where these and their whole family tree has been accustomed to this tradition and rule of life that they will take awhile to become comfortable with it.