I will admit that I am a person with a strong need to fill up my time with anything, including Solitaire. During the beginning of each new game, there is an ad for different games and applications- the most frequent being Game of War: Fire Age. The ad contains Kate Upton scantily clad by what appears to be this game’s attempt at a “Fire Age” era wardrobe.


Although this ad is extremely demeaning, in my opinion, the fact that the game has nothing to do with this ad makes it worse. When I downloaded the game to see what the big deal was, I found that there wasn’t much of a female presence within the game. The game refers to the player as “My King” and you have to pay to change your character’s appearance, it initially being a male with minimal female options- all which are overly sexualized.

All of the things I discovered about this game from an ad made me realize how focused it was to attract a young male audience instead of appealing to both sexes. I realized how degrading and overly sexualized not only the ad was, but also the method in which it went about attracting its audience. Whether or not this was the intention of the ad, the perception of Upton’s body causes the focus to be and zooms in on specific body parts, consequently sexualizing them, even though it has nothing to do with the concept of the game.